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• Monday, February 15th, 2010

Coral Conservation at Serangan

To celebrate Valentine and Chinesse New Year 2010, we did Coral Conservation at Serangan Island, Sunday 14 February 2010, joined with CORE-Community.

We adopted 5 corals and before we plant them, CORE-Community gave us the little education about Coral that coral is life, made from planton and it is not rock. Some people said that it is rock and stone….:) There are so many kinds of coral from soft and hard with different colours too.

Little bit sad to see soo many plastic rubish on the ocean which is not good for coral’s life. We tried to collect them but only very little. We have to plan to do clean up this beautiful ocean one day.

There were also joining some friends from Rotaract Denpasar, Rotaract Jakarta Sunter and some other community.

Hope our coral can live long and help our ocean better for our next generation.

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