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• Sunday, April 03rd, 2011

Monday, 27 December 2010

This day, we went to Waka Shorea Resort for Coral Conservation, join with Core Community and also Waka Shorea. Departed early morning so we have more time for snorkling and swimming at beautiful beach of Waka Shorea.

Still very tired and all rotaractors were also sleeping..again..!!! All were woke up when heard and seen the nice ocean..:)

Took local boat to cross to the Resort for 30minutes…already excited. Arrived then we started for Coral Information..What is Coral? How Coral can live and survive? Why Coral here is broken? How to Help the Coral? All explained by Rudi, the expert.

After that we did plant the coral, each rotaractor planted one coral then put all under the water. Hope all grow up good then many fishes will come over and help save the ocean.

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• Sunday, April 03rd, 2011

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Woke up so early as we have to travel to Negara West Bali which will take about 3 hours in the car. Have little breakfasts then went straight to Negara. Seems that all rotaractors are tired so they just slept all the way to Iba Yatama Orphanage.

Arrived about 12noon then the children had waited for us. We have lunch together first before our fun games. Played few games with the children then gave prices for winner. As always, we enjoyed the day and also the kids. Day finished at 5pm as we have to go to North Bali to continue our social and International Trip of HKUSU.

Stayed in one hotel in Pemuteran North Bali, quite nice and OK. We had nice dinner and fellowship. Have to sleep early as another long day tomorrow.

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