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• Monday, September 27th, 2010

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Sukamade is located Southern part of East Java and very very remote place. Special place where many sea turtles are laying their eggs every night. In some season, there are about 60 turtles go up to the beach woww that is amazing.

And we had a change to visit this place as part of our club service. Were only 3 members joining but the trip was absolutely fantastic.

After through very very bad road with our 2 motorbikes, we arrived Sukamade. Took 4 hours to pass 27 KM hmm that was very something. Soon as after registration, we were releasing 100 baby turtles to the ocean. It was great. Some people said that in 1000 baby turtle, only 1 – 5 turtle can survive and live for years as most baby turtles are eaten by predator and also hard life in wild ocean. Hope that all 100 baby turtles live and come back to lay their eggs. Amen

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