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• Monday, July 12th, 2010

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Held at Pondok Kuring Denpasar Bali, Rotaract Bali was having a mini seminar with a theme of Leading by the Youth.

This mini seminar was purposed to encourage Rotary Clubs in Bali to concern more with their Rotaract Club as they are, however, partner in service, as well as to give more comprehensive understanding about Rotaract’s function and role to Rotaractors, potential participants and Rotarians who attend the seminar.

Some existing Rotaract Clubs in Bali are in critical terms that need to be refreshed and activated with the spirits of new generations and generous support from their Rotary Clubs. We hope this mini seminar can be one of means to create new generation of Rotaractors and to give more understanding to Rotarians on the reason why they need Rotaractors as their partner.

There were about 74 attend the seminar from Rotaractors, Rotarian and also participants.

Opened by DG Al Purwa. Speakers were Rtn Gobind Vashdeve and Rtn Wayan Suryawan.

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