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• Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Waka di Ume Ubud

Outing, Meeting and Gathering was another great event of RACUS.

We went to beautiful Waka di Ume and having nice meeting at their gazebo which is in the middle of rice field. Meeting was our final preparation for Dog Fashion Show and also budgeting meeting for our money support from RC Nusa Dua.

After 2 hours meeting, we had nice lunch, gathering and fellowship with RAC Ubud at Warung Ayam Kedewatan and Ganesha House Ubud.

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• Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

To our Professional Development : Lia Andarina Grasia

We could not celebrate it tonight as you are away to your hometown in Yogya but our wishes are sent for your happiness and healthiness always.

Congratulation in your new 20 years old. All the best.

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• Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Happy Birthday to our Past Secretary : Ni Ketut Budiani

25 June 2010

With little bit our unique celebration, we had nice party at Dapur Alam Restaurant. During the photo session, Rtr Yuni and Putu were dropping powders and eggs on the Ketut’s head…:)

Wish you all the best, happy and healthy always.

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• Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Starting from our love to dogs, arises the initiative to convene Rotaract Dog Fashion show last year at the Istana Kuta Galeria and it went well and success until finally our beloved Rotary support us to have it again this year in Nusa Dua.

2nd Rotaract Fashion & Grooming Dog Show was done at Bali Collection Nusa Dua. Show starts at 10am, but the enthusiasm of participants has been seen since 8 o’clock in the morning. An hour before the event, the stage is drenched rain fickle. President Arta and other Rotaractors with all efforts to banish the rain and finally with the blessing of God, the show can be started with the survivors (though delayed 20 minutes) Guided by ADRR Tika and RTR. Tri, the event begins with a break dance show.

Judges are Rotary Club of Bali Nusa Dua (Mr Jon Zuecher-our beloved father), BAWA (Bali Animal Welfare Association), and Dwi Iskandar (national designer).

Winner :

Champion 3: Putri Ayu (Maltese white fur, the clever rotary jig n hers outside the netep indo bali) Champion 2: Bella – Pinky Cowboy (golden with cowboy dresscode complete with a water gun)

Champion 1: the Bible (Mini puth mercurial black pom)

Event ended with a substantial donation from Rotaract Club of Bali Nusa Dua to BAWA for the preservation of dog Bali.

See you in 3rd Rotaract Fashion and Grooming Dog Show 2011.

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• Monday, July 12th, 2010

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Held at Pondok Kuring Denpasar Bali, Rotaract Bali was having a mini seminar with a theme of Leading by the Youth.

This mini seminar was purposed to encourage Rotary Clubs in Bali to concern more with their Rotaract Club as they are, however, partner in service, as well as to give more comprehensive understanding about Rotaract’s function and role to Rotaractors, potential participants and Rotarians who attend the seminar.

Some existing Rotaract Clubs in Bali are in critical terms that need to be refreshed and activated with the spirits of new generations and generous support from their Rotary Clubs. We hope this mini seminar can be one of means to create new generation of Rotaractors and to give more understanding to Rotarians on the reason why they need Rotaractors as their partner.

There were about 74 attend the seminar from Rotaractors, Rotarian and also participants.

Opened by DG Al Purwa. Speakers were Rtn Gobind Vashdeve and Rtn Wayan Suryawan.

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• Saturday, July 03rd, 2010

Saturday, 19 June 2010

In the same time, we were chartering 5 members :

1. Dewa Gede Juniartha Wirawardana

2. Yoseph Wenetu Adhi

3. Windy Agni Marisa

4. Gutri

5. Janet

Welcome to the Club….hope we can help more people with you guys..:)

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