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• Friday, February 12th, 2010

Good news that biggest shopping mall in Nusa Dua area, Bali Collection donated Rp.2,500,000 for our social services in the near future.

President Tika personally meet the Manager and received the donation. One biggest local newspaper was also recorded the donation and posted it on Friday, 22 January 2010.

We are happy with this good relationship. Hope will continue.

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• Friday, February 12th, 2010

Starting this 2010, we did a special service on top of Mount Rinjani which was cleaning the camp area of Bukit Penyesalan on 1st January 2010. It was ashamed that this beautiful place with so many rubbish.

Mount Rinjani is 3260meters above sea level, located in Lombok. It was very hard hiking. We were starting the trip from 26 December 2009 from Bali.

We are so happy with this trip as we started the year with good fun, meet new friends and did service to nature.

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• Thursday, February 11th, 2010

1. Helping Agus and Dewi on Friday, 31 July 2009

In helping Agus and Dewi, we have special friend from Australia, Gaye McMullen with her family whom came along here to visit them. They brough some cream, eyedrops, soap to help Agus and Dewi’s skin to be more softer and hopefully those can reduce the pain. They also brough toys and second hands cloths for them, can see the happy faces from Agus and Dewi. McMullen Family took some photos to check with doctor in Australia if there is a way to help Agus and Dewi further. Lets pray together for them and thank you so much for McMullen Family for your coming. It means alots for them.

2. Board Charter Invitation by Rotaract Club of Seminyak on Sunday, 26 July 2009

Still on the same day, we were invited by Rotaract Seminyak for Board Charter Night. There were 2 other Rotaract clubs joining, Rotaract Kuta, Rotaract Taman and also their club advisor, Mr Patrick from Rotary Seminyak. Hand over was from IPP Nyoman Suryadi to Rotaractor Riza.

3. Back to Nature by RACUS on Sunday, 26 July 2009

Special trip ‘Back to Nature’ followed by 4 Rotaractors. Our trek was at Sanghyang Mountain and Tamblingan Lake Bedugul, North Bali. Started at 10.00am, we walked for about 3hours. Many new things we learn and found such as Ficus, parasit tree which grow on other tree. There are also many poison trees, called Laportea. If it touch your skin, you will feel ichi and hot on it. You have to be very careful. We passes Tamblingan Lake which is 110hectares lake, very big and beautiful. Trip was finished at 13.00hrs and we had nice lunch at local restaurant.

5. Blood Donor at Tax Office Badung Utara on Saturday, 25 July 2009

This was our first social project to celebrate Indonesia Independence Day. There were 15 people, able to donor. A part from it, there were also some people donated books and second hand cloths for our other project, Mobile and Permanent Library and also visit orphanage.

6. Rotaract Nusa Dua LDKR, Saturday 4 July 2009

Took place at Ulam Restaurant in Nusa Dua. This is a training for all board directors to understand and know what they have to do in one year ahead. Beside training, we also shared all past experiences and hope to be better projects to help children and environment in Bali and surrounding island. Finished with nice fellowship to strengthen our friendship in this club.

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• Thursday, February 11th, 2010

1. Visit Eben Haizer Orphan with Australian’s family, Monday 31 August 2009

We had another family from Australia and visited Eben Haizer Orphan to donate second hand cloths, toys, daily needs and also some money for children’s school. Jeni Maxwell with other 12people came over for holiday but also want to share something for orphanage in Bali. We arrived there at 3pm and were welcoming by 20 children. All children were happy and playing together straight away. Finished by lunch together. Very happy and emotional moment. Special thanks to Maxwell’s Family.

2. Monthly Meeting with Rotary Nusa Dua, Thursday 27 August 2009

Our monthly meeting was always at lunch time at Nikko Bali Resort & Spa. We reported our last projects, upcoming events and our financial progress.

3. Celebrating Indonesia Independence Day, Monday 17 August 2009

At the same place, Istana Kuta Gallery, we celebrated Indonesia Independence Day with traditional games with local people i.e eating crackers, put in the needle etc. We have fun together and won few prices.

4. Draqueen Show, Sunday 16 August 2009

There was also nice Draqueen Competation during this event. 10 Lady Boys were showing their ability of singing, dancing and fashion show.

5. Fund Rising on ‘Look Model of the Year 2009′, 16 & 17 August 2009

Fund raising is becoming one of our project this year as we want to help more children in Bali and hope children around this island. This time Rotary Nusa Dua again sponsored us a booth and we were happy to sell drinks and snacks. Took 2 long days but all went OK and we raised Rp.262,000 to help our projects.

6. Fund Rising on Swiss National Day, Sunday, 2 August 2009

Another fund raising event, we were helping Mr Jon at Swiss National Day to sell the Charity Lottery to all guests whom came to the party. There were 500 tickets @Rp.10,000 per ticket, and all were sold out in 2hours. It was fun and nice evening. Happily raised Rp.500,000.

7. Children Fashion Show & Colouring Competation on Sunday, 2 August 2009

To raise funds, we did these projects, supported by Rotary Nusa Dua. Was very success with about 100 children joined the event. Ages are from 3 – 15 years old. The fashion show categories are casual, batik and beach cloths. We also received second hand cloths’s donation for our project to visit orphanage in the near future. Day was started with coloring competition at 10.00am then fashion show. Finished at around 02.00pm. We were happy to raise Rp.2,500,000.

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• Thursday, February 11th, 2010

1. Visit Eben Heizer with Australian Guests, Monday 28 September 2009

Again we have 5 Australian Guests, Pam, Vicky, Donna, Trish and Robin and visited Eben Heizer Orphan. Spending sometime with them and donated some money for the children. Thanks to you girls.

2. Helping Agus and Dewi, Wednesday 23 September 2009

Gaye and Brian McMullen were coming again to continue in helping Agus and Dewi. This time they took Agus and Dewi to meet Gloria at Bali Crisis Care for serious treatment. This treatment will take few months and so, and hopefully this will help them to get better and better. Thanks again to McMullen Family.

3. Break Fasting at Iba Yatim Taqwa Orphan, Saturday 5 September 2009

Spending nearly a day with orphanage at Iba Yatim Taqwa was nice day. We arrived around 4pm, then play together with them, break fasting and of course giving some donation and gifts. All were happy, especially when we spreaded prices from the games. We were supported by Rotary Nusa Dua and few friends whom donated for them. Gave away daily needs, gifts and money for children’s school. Thank you friends for all donation.

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• Thursday, February 11th, 2010

1. Day with Disable Children at YPAC, Sunday 29 November 2009

Spending a day with these children was very fun. They were very excited of our games i.e singing. One child sing until 5times. Started at 5pm and only 1hour with them but fully happiness.We donated some snacks and money for the school too.

2. After APRRC Singapore – Kuala Lumpur, Friday 27 November 2009

Finally we arrived KL again, hosted by Rotaract Kelana Jaya. Took us for last minute shopping, Chinatown Market, nice dinner fellowship with all Rotaractors and dropped us to KL Sentral to go back to Bali. Special Thanks to all Rotaractors Kelana Jaya.

3. After APRRC Singapore – Melaka, Thursday 26 November 2009

Exploring this Historical Melaka all day by foots Church, Museum and many other places. Very nice and beautiful. We also had nice fellowship with Rotaractors Melaka, Japan, KL and Philiphine. Thanks to PDRR Wee, Sreedaran and other Rotaractors Melaka.

4. After APRRC Singapore – Melaka, Wednesday 25 November 2009

Singapore – Melaka was 3 hours in comfort bus and welcomed by Rotaract Melaka. Having nice dinner at local food court and checked in at Ringo’s Guest House.

5. APRRC Singapore – Day 4, Wednesday 25 November 2009

Closing Ceremony and Farewell Party.

6. APRRC Singapore – Day 3, Tuesday 24 November 2009

Food Festival, Games and Country Report.

7. APRRC Singapore – Day 2, Monday 23 November 2009

Opening Ceremony, Plenary Session, Games and Culture Night.

8. APRRC Singapore – Day 1, Sunday 22 November 2009

Re-Registration and Welcome Dinner.

9. Road Show to APRRC Singapore – Arrived Kuala Lumpur, Friday 20 November 2009

Back to Kuala Lumpur after 2nights in beautiful Langkawi. Rotaract KL were welcoming us at KL Sentral and were taken to see nice Buddhist temple then contunied to Hindu Temple at Batu Cave. Very nice temple in the cave. Also visited skybrigde in the next day, Daratan Merdeka, Putra Jaya etc. Having nightlife service before departing Singapore. Special thanks to David, Anu and Gas.

10. Road Show to APRRC Singapore – Arrived Langkawi, Wednesday 18 November 2009

Roughly speed boat from Penang, took 3hours to Langkawi. Day was still raining but was OK when we arrived. Rented motorbike and touring around. First drive, Malaysian Police was stopping us but we were OK. Another nice place with many small rock islands and very tourist. Enjoyed local food at night market. 2 days full with new experiences.

11. Road Show to APRRC Singapore – Arrived Penang, Tuesday 17 November 2009

Drived by Rtr May from Taiping which took 1.5hours to Penang. Was welcomed by Rtr Kelvin and he took us around this town. Beautiful historical town but very modern with many Budhist temples. We visited Kek Lok Si Temple which has tallest Kuan Yin Statue in the world. Night time, we had fellowship with all rotaractors Penang, thanks guys for all hospitality.

12. Road Show to APRRC Singapore – Arrived Taiping, Sunday 15 November 2009

Took 3hours by comfort bus (which has Dangdut Song) from KL to Taiping and Welcomed by Rtr May Ong from Rotaract Taiping. Bit late for visiting place so we just had nice Old Town Coffee. Next day we were touring around this nice small town with waterfall, lake garden, hill, mangrove forest and of course zoo. Having local food since breakfasts, cheap Durian and Prawn. Heavy rain was happening as this town is known as Rain Town hmm…!!! Also had best Professional Development at Carcoal Pabric. Thanks to May and Rtn Mahendran.

13. Road Show to APRRC Singapore – Arrived Kuala Lumpur, Saturday 14 November 2009

Road Show to Singapore was started and we left for KL in the afternoon time. Welcomed by Rotaract Bangsar which was hosting us for 2days. They took us for dinner, lunch and visited some tourist places i.e Orchird Garden, KL Tower, Petronas. Thanks to Rajendran, SK and Koshla.

14. Rotaract Nusa Dua on 2nd Anniversary, Sunday 8 November 2009

We are today is 2 years old. Still very young and lots of to do but we were happy to what we have done and also this club made a new friendship which is not only mainly friendship but also we can do social work together with lots of fun. Happy Birthday Rotaract Nusa Dua, hope God always bless us to help more people and grow bigger with more member.

14. Updating Agus and Dewi in Petang, Sunday 8 November 2009

To update the condition Agus and Dewi, we were visiting them in Petang, their home. They looked better and better although the treatment did not go well. Their skin is more soft with cream and eye are better with eye drops from McMullen Family. They still have plenty cream and eyedrops so hopefully they can help Agus and Dewi skin better and better.

16. Charter 2 Member, Badung Field, Sunday 1 November 2009

In the same time, President Tika was also chartering 2 more member in the club, Putu and Lia. They were joining as pasticipants for almost 3months and we are very happy to welcoming them in the club and hope with more member, we can have more idea to help unfortunate people in Bali and surrounding island.

17. Mobile Library, Badung Field, Sunday 1 November 2009

After long waiting, finally we can start Mobile Library and this time took place at Badung Field, Denpasar. Were some children excited about it and happy to read all the books. Hopefully we can do this every two weeks in all areas in Bali.

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• Thursday, February 11th, 2010

1. Mother’s Day at Old Folk Home, Sunday 20 December 2009

Celebrating Mother’s Day and Christmas, we were done it again at Wana Seraya Old Folk Home. Party were started at 4pm and happy to meet them again. Also sad as there were 7 old folk passed away this year. Did few games to make them happy, dancing and singing. We donated Balinese Sarong to each person, daily needs, gifts and also snack. Happy Day.

2. Rotary Nusa Dua Orphanage Christmas Party, Saturday 19 December 2009

This year, the party was done in two hotels, Conrad and Grand Hyatt Hotel Nusa Dua as there were 500 children invited. Conrad had only 200 and Grand Hyatt had 300 children. The party was fun and all children were happy including us. We were invited to have lunch with them too. Always nice to see happy faces from Orphanage Children. All of them got one goody bag to take home as Santa Claus’s Gift.

3. Blood Donor at Bali Collection, Thursday 17 December 2009

We were so busy this day. After presentation, we went directly to Bali Collection to have Blood Donor for all employers there. This is part of Bali Collection’s Christmas Party and also their 4th anniversary. There were 27 people able to donate their blood and the event finished at 20.00hrs. Tiring but very happy day.

4. Presentation APRRC Singapore at Rotary Nusa Dua, Thursday 17 December 2009

We also did the presentation of APRRC Singapore to Rotary Nusa Dua in the same day. Rtr Tri, Rtr Ayu and President Tika were joining their lunch meeting and reported all we have done in the conference. Rotary Nusa Dua was happy to welcoming us and to receive the report. We are also happy to have good relationship with our parents.

5. Fund Rising at SKAL Christmas Party, Saturday 12 December 2009

It was great opportinity to join SKAL International Christmas Dinner. We were invited by Mr Keith to help them and also part of our fund rising program. They asked us to sell raffle tickets to all guests and likely we sold 1000 tickets. Very happy we raised Rp.3,000,000.

7. Visiting Agus and Dewi, Sunday 6 December 2009

Again Gaye and Brian McMullen sent cream for Agus and Dewi including nice gifts for them. So we were driving there to deliver them. Very happy to meet them again, they look better and better. Had long chat while having durian and some snacks.

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• Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

We have great evening on our Charity Gala Dinner on Friday, 5 February 2010 at Peninsula Beach Resort Nusa Dua.

There were 55 guests from Rotarian, Rotaractors, Hotel’s Guests and also Community.

It was opening by disable children from SLBB (National School of Deaf) Bali with special Tari Pendet. To make the evening live, we also sell raffle tickets of Rp.20,000 per ticket and auction of dinner, Golf and also 5 painting from SLBB.

Everybody were happy and aficionado but some were upsad as most raffle tickets said ‘TRY AGAIN”…:)

We made this event so simple but very kinship so we can stay close with all guests.

Thank you for all RACUS member, all guests and also guest’s stars.

Photos :

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• Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Congratulation for our Professional Development Director, I Komang Tri Darmaja that today, 10 February, he is 21…. All members are waiting for special treatments..:)

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• Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

1. Visit Rotaract Phinisi Makassar, Saturday 10 October 2009

One of our International Service Director was having little time to visit and exchange banner with Rotaract Phinisi Makassar Sulawesi. It was great time to enjoy Pantai Losari and tried some traditional foods. Thanks to President Putri, Rtr Eka, Rtr Farid, Rtr Stev and others. Hopefully we will come back again with other member in the future.