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• Monday, February 15th, 2010

We knew these two kinds in early 2009. Agus is 9 years old and Dewi is 4yrs old. They are brother and sister with same disease, Skin Problem.

They have this disease since they were born. Nyoman, the Mother said when they were born, their skin was so thin and red, like plastic. Even now it is still very thin. With this skin, they need to be careful with the weather. If the weather is very hot, Agus and Dewi can not play outside because the sun will hit and blood will come out from the skin. That’s why they always stay inside with their shoes and sock. But when raining season, they can play outside safe.

When we asked their parent, Agus and Dewi, they said Agus and Dewi do not feel any hurt and play like usual children. Only hurt when they are shower.

Parents, Putu and Nyoman are farmer and they life in one house compound with another 6 families which has around 15 children. Very busy house.

Putu and Nyoman said that they have been brough Agus and Dewi to the Sanglah hospital longtime ago. There was not much result so they brought them back to the house and just gave local medicine. Until there was somebody brought Chinese cream which was very good. But since the medicine is expensive and hard to find their friend stop the donation and Agus and Dewi’s skin were back to the original disease.

We do not know from what this disease even the parents do not know. Some of their neighborhood said this is because close family’s married between Putu and Nyoman. There is no prove for this opinion.

And we met McMullen Family from Australian on April 2009 and with their goodwill, they are happy to help Agus and Dewi to reduce their pain so they can be normal kids.