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54. Green The World and Hand Over Bali, Sunday, 21 June 2009

This event is arranged to campaign of using lesser and lesser plastic. We gave away 750 green bags for everybody were there. Started at 07.30am
with fun bike around Denpasar about 6KM then continue at 16.00hrs with Band Parade, Fashion Show and Hand Over. There were 9 bands followed the event and the guest star is De Buntu (local band). Each Rotaract has their own boat to promote their club. We arranged a special Wishing Tree and we hope that Green The World is started with a wish then together we do a thing to make it real. Hand Over 2008/2009 to 2009/2010 was done quite late at 23.00hrs. Rotaract Nusa Dua from Maurits to Sri Ratikah, Rotaract Kuta from Christian to Budi, Rotaract Seminyak from Suryadi to Riza, Rotaract Denpasar from Giri to Rahma, CRR Adi to Gung In.

53. Monthly Meeting with Rotary Nusa Dua, Thursday, 18 June 2009

To get closer between Rotary and Rotaract Nusa Dua, we are invited every month to have meeting and sharing with them This time we reported our financial, our last project and also upcoming projects. And also our upcoming event Green The World on 21 June 2009 and fund rising event, Children Fashion Show on 2 August 2009.

52. Day at Iba Yatama Orphan Negara, Sunday, 14 June 2009

Spending with 30orphanage in Iba Yatama Orphan Negara was nice day. Children ages are from 5yrs – 15yrs old. Departing at 9.00am from Denpasar and 3 Hours driving, little bit long way. Having lunch together than we played some games. Everybody were enjoying them and got special gift. Iba Yatama Orphan is very poor orphan we knew so far. They only have one house to stay with poor condition. The house consists of one living room, one bedroom for 5kids, one room for Pak Cacuk, teacher and kitchen. There are 2 other rooms but they are broken and can not use. Only 5 children stay there and other children stay with their family which is located quite far from orphanage. There is also little mosque next door but it is also not finished yet.

51. RYLA 2009 at Situ Babakan, 12 – 14 June 2009

Followed by 17 participants from all Rotaracts in Indonesia and arranged by Rotaract Jakarta area with Jakarta Rescue Department. From our club, we sent one member Tri Darmaja and sponsored by Rotary Nusa Dua. Having alots of experiences and also knowledge about rescuing people from any bad situation.

50. Rotary Golf Tournament, Saturday, 29 May 2009

Our first experience but very fun day. We were handle Patting Green Competition before Golf Tournament is started. Game was started at 10am and followed by about 40 golfer. They bought 3 balls for Rp.10,000 and try to pull the ball in the 7 holes. Most of them were missed and happily we raised Rp.760,000.

49. Annual Rotary Tennis Tournament, 24 – 31 May 2009

Annual Tennis Tournament by Rotary Nusa Dua was always followed by many tennis players in Bali from local or expatriate and done at Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & The Westin. This year is 18th years with more than 200 players. Many prices too. We were as a partner to scouring and give away for t-shirt and prices.

48. Rotary Fun Fun Fun Family Day, Sunday 17 May 2009

Special event arranged by all Rotary in Bali and helped by all Rotaract in Bali to raise some funds for all social projects for Rotary and Rotaract. Started at 6.00am by fun walk, followed about 2,500people. Then day was continued by Blood Donor, Aerobic, Papsmere and Children activities. We were in charge at children activities by Rotary Nusa Dua at drawing and fashion show competation. Day was finished at 14.00hrs.

47. Rotaract Dog Fashion Show, Sunday 10 May 2009

Was done at Istana Kuta Gallery to improve awareness of Rabies in Bali and also to raise some funds for our upcoming projects. Followed by 11 dog with Registration Fee @Rp.75,000/dog.Winner got special voucher for lunch/dinner/stay in a villa. Start from 9.00am and finished at 13.00hrs. We were expected more people to join but everybody were happy about this event. Hope next year will be more participants and fun.

46. Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Rotaract, Sunday 26 April 2009

First time for Rotaract Club of Bali Nusa Dua joint this event and was done in Puri Ubud (Ubud Palace), hosted by RAC Ubud. Followed by : RAC Nusa Dua = 8, RAC Denpasar = 8, RAC Kuta = 6, RAC Seminyak = 2, RAC Ubud – 10. LDKR Itinerary : Morning Tea, Fellowship, PROFESIONAL DEVELOPMENT of HIV/AIDS Outreach by President Maurits, Presentation about Rotaract by DRR. Tutik, Chartered 2 members RAC Nusa Dua, Tri and Ayu, Lunch & Coffee Break, Culture Knowledge by Cok Ibah from Rotary Ubud, Games by PP Yudi and ended by Fellowship and Trekking. We really enjoyed this day, get new knowledge and met all Rotaractors in Bali. Can not wait for next year LDKR.

45. Trip to Nusa Lembongan, Sunday 14 April 2009

Fun trip to Nusa Lembongan, 7 of us were departing Sanur early morning to catch public boat. Left Sanur at 9am and took about 2hours to get beautiful Lembongan. We went directly to the beach for diving and snorkeling. Some were first timing snorkel……!!! Underwater view was fantastic even strong current. Finished the fun experience, we went back to port for lunch and back to Sanur at 3pm. We need to take speed boat as public boat is not operated. Boat was full with about 50people. Take about 1hour to get to Sanur. Unforgettable Moment!!!.

44. Rotaract Week – Joint Project, 14 March 2009
We were informing HIV/AIDS for students ages 16 – 20yrs at Sekolah Luar Biasa Bali (Deaf/Disable School) in Jimbaran, how dangerous it is for all people in the world and how to prevent. As the children are disable (can not hear and talk), there was a translator to translate our presentation.

43. Rotaract Week – Rotaract and Rotary Club Meeting, 12 March 2009

This is to report our last projects, future projects, financial and fund rising for about 30minutes. Good news that one of our project, Outreach of HIV/AIDS and Drug will be a join project between Rotary and Rotaract.

42. Rotaract Week – Rotaract Presentation, 13 March 2009

At Cube Café, Sunset Road Kuta Bali Indonesia, we were joining this project with Rotaract Club of Denpasar Bali. Presentation about Rotaract to Rotary Club Bali Legian about 30minutes then we were sharing together. This Rotary just chartered 22 February 2009 and some of members are from Rotaractors. So they would also like to sponsor one Rotaract as a partner maybe next year.

41. Hosting Jo Anne from Rotaract Ampang Malaysia, 5 – 8 March 2009

We had special guest from Rotaract Ampang Malaysia is Rtr Jo Anne. She visited Bali for holiday and also to meet us. We hosted her for 3 days and took her to Uluwatu, Bedugul, Kintamani, Ubud and famous beach, Kuta. Having nice BBQ dinner at where she stayed in Jimbaran and discussed about many thing in the club. Thank you for visiting us, Jo Anne.

40. RCOT Yogyakarta, 1 March 2009

Woke up very early, drove to Borobudor Temple with Rotary Yogya Merapi and Group Study Exchange from Belgium. Took 2hours driving and we arrived at beautiful temple. One of biggest temple in the world. Having lunch at local restaurant then we went to Yogyakarta Palace and Malioboro Market for last day shopping for Batik. At 19.00hrs we ready for airport and back to Bali. See you again next year in Surabaya.

39. International Project, 28 February 2009

by exchanging Club flag with RAC Kota Melaka, 3310.

38. RCOT Yogyakarta – Social Day, 28 February 2009

After Breakfast, we were taken by Army Trucks to Canden Village to plan trees and another village which make traditional drink, Jamu. Having nice Lunch with traditional foods. Back to Quality Hotel and Rotaract Club Presentation was started at 16.00hrs. District Conference at 17.00hrs. Decided DRRE 2010-2011, IPP Indra Diwangkara. Congratulation. At 19.00hrs we went to Candi Boko for dinner, talent show and awards.Congratulation to : RAC Denpasar for Best President, Best Buletin, Best Project, Best Club RAC Jakarta Semanggi for Best International Project RAC Sanur for Best Community Service RAC Jakarta Gambir for Best Professional Development RAC Surabaya area for Best Community Service The day was finished by Late Night Service.

37. RCOT Yogyakarta, 27 February 2009

Arrived Quality Hotel at 9.00am, Re-Registration for name tag and kids. RCOT was opening at 10.30hrs by welcoming dance then speeches. At 11.00, Talk Shaw by Mr Hamzah Sulaeman (owner of Mirota Batik) and Raden Mas Altie (writer and theatre director). Then Rotaract Training was started at 13.00hrs. Training for President by DRR Tutik, DRRE Budi and DRR Wie. Training for Secretary by Rtr Rahma. Training for Treasure by Rtr Budi. Training for Community Service by PP Adhi. Training for International Service by PP Gadsya Nggadas. Training for Professional Development by Rtr Sekar Nareswary. Magic Moment by Rtn Gobind and PDRR Barbara. At 16.00, went to Sheraton Hotel to join with all Rotarian D3400.We gave roses to them as a symbol of our love. Joint the Strategic Marketing in Rotary by Ferdinand. Gala Dinner with Rotary + Rotaract at Graha Sabha of University Gajah Mada until late.

36. Road Show to RCOT/RDC Yogya – Yogyakarta, 26 February 2009

Took Morning Train to Yogya, is only 1hour. Special trip to Prambanan and Boko Temples which is also known as Exotic Queen Temple and also Malioboro Road for shopping. 7.00pm we went back to stay in Rtn Listi’s House.

35. Road Show to RCOT/RDC Yogya – Solo, 25 February 2009

Took early train at 6.00am to Solo about 5hours. Stayed at small motel. Was awfull weather, heavy rain but went to explore Solo. Chartered Becak, went to Solo Palace, Batik Gunawan and dinner at Adem Ayem Restaurant then back to the hotel at 12.00midnight.

34. Road Show to RCOT/RDC Yogya – Surabaya, 24 February 2009

City Tour Day in Surabaya. Went Kebun Binantang (Surabaya Zoo) then walked along the city, to Town Square, Tunjungan Plaza (biggest mall in Surabaya). Finally went out for karaoke at Mex Building.

33. Road Show to RCOT/RDC Yogya – Surabaya, 23 February 2009

Sadly Leave Bromo at 11.00am and arrived Surabaya at 3pm. Stayed at PP Ferdee and Rtr Kennia’s house. Had a nice meeting with Rotaractors in Surabaya area at The Element Restaurant at 7pm. Then we were taken to ‘Doly’, special Red District and Mex Building for Billiard.

32. Road Show to RCOT/RDC Yogya – Bromo Mountain, 22 February 2009

Arrived early morning, we had nice early coffee/tea at the local waroeng first before hiking to Mount Bromo. 3KM walking, nice walk even little bit raining. Took about 2hours and about 250 steps to go up to the crater and it is beautiful on or after sunrise.

31. Road Show to RCOT/RDC Yogya – Ubung & Probolinggo, 21 February 2009

Started from Ubung Terminal Bali, 4 of us were taking night bus to Probolinggo. Departed at 18.30hrs, took about 12 hours to get to Probolinggo, little bit delay as the tire was flat at Gilimanuk Harbour and the bridge in Situbondo were broken. Arrive at 3.30am.

30. Valentine Day with Blood Donor, 14 February 2009

Continuing this day, we were having Fellowship and BBQ Dinner to strengthen our friendship in the club.

29. Valentine Day with Blood Donor, 14 February 2009

As many love were around us this day, we proudly donor our blood to be a symbol our heart and love. Done at Sanglah Hospital and there were 5 Rotaractors finally able to do it. Others were scared or on low pressure blood. There was a man waiting for our blood for his wife whom got a Heart Disease and Thanks God he got 2bags.

28. Survey for Pondok Baca

Our next big project is to provide Pondok Baca or small library for children at Petang Village Denpasar. For starting, we did a survey there on Sunday, 1st February 2009. Mr Ramsuddin, the Village Officer is welcoming us and very happy with this plan. Now we are trying to get some funds, second hand books and donation for this project.

27. Celebrate Chinese New Year 2560

To be part of this special day, we are visiting a Vihara, Griya Konco Tanah Kilap in Simpang Siur Denpasar on 25 January 2009. First plan is to help preparing and cleaning the area but their volunteers are more than enough to do. Bit sad but we can feel the Colorful Day….Gong Xi Pa Cai.

26. Fund Rising for RCOT/RDC Yogyakarta

2009 is started by RAC Nusa Dua to prepare upcoming event, Rotaract Club Officer Training and Rotaract Conference, 27 February – 1 March 2009. Great news that there will be 4 members joining, President Maurits, Rtr Tika, Rtr Arta and Rtr Eni. To pay the Registration Fees, we are selling Fresh Vegetables Parcels to Rotary Nusa Dua 3 times in January 2009. Thank you for Rotary Nusa Dua support.

25. Christmas at Welas Asih Orphanage with Australian Guests, 25 Dec 2008

We were helping an Australian Family to celebrate Christmas at Welas Asih Orphanage in Kintamani by bringing some donation of towels, soap, toothpaste, snack and lunch to about 30 orpans. Rtr Tika was in charge for this event.

24. Celebrate Hari Ibu & X-Mas, Sunday, 21 December 2008
To celebrate these special days, we spent it with about 50 Old Folks at Panti Wredha Wana Seraya Denpasar. We were creating 3 fun games and they love them. Many Old Folks would like to join but we only prepare 3gifts each game. Fun thing is that they were happy to sing and sing more sing from National song until Memories songs to fulfill the day. We donated daily needs and the day was finished by lunch and sing together. Lovely Mother’s Day.

23. Polio Bazaar, Sunday, 7 December 2008

This is arranged by Rotary Bali Taman and we proudly joined this project. Our booth number is 15 and sold school bags(donation from Rotary Nusa Dua), fresh breads (donation from Conrad Hotel), fresh strawberry, X-Mas cake, X-Mas Cards, Rotary T-Shirt, Pin and fresh paprika. So many stuffs and we could sell most of them, it was miracle and our lucky day. We raised almost 2million.

22. Chrismast Party with Orphanages, Saturday, 6 December 2008

Allocated at Grand Hyatt Bali, about 300 orphanages were enjoying X-Mas Party with Rotarian, Rotaractors Nusa Dua and Grand Hyatt staffs. Having nice lunch, performances and magic’s games. Start from 11am and finished by giving gift away at 2pm. Everybody happy and hopefully to see them again next year.

21. Preparation for Chrismast Party with Orphanage by Rotary and Rotaract Nusa Dua, Thursday, 5 December 2008

Preparation for this Rotary Nusa Dua’s Annual Project, we were helping to pack all gift for 300 orphanages in Bali. It was done at Nikko Bali and joined by Rtr Tika, Rtr Eni and two participants, Lia and Mitha.

20. Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference in Bali, 19 – 23 November 2008

Great International Event, joined by Rtr Khim and Rtr Riris (even she just chartered for 2 weeks). Thursday, 20 November, Opening Ceremony, Plenary 1 – “Creating The Leaders of Tomorrow” and Rotaract Festival. Friday, 21 November, Work Shops and Culture Nights. Saturday, 22 November, Clean up the Beach, Closing Ceremony and releasing baby turtles. Alots of fun with full of experiences.

19. Visit Drug Rehabilitation & Bedugul Fun Day, Sunday, 16 November 2008

Continue the hosting day by visiting Drug Rehabilitation Center at Yakita Denpasar then fun day trip to Bedugul. Had a nice Rabbit Sate lunch and ended by BBQ Dinner at the house, fellowship and exchanging banner, gifts etc.

18. Hosting Rotaractor from Malaysia, Saturday 15 November 2008

This month we had special 4 guests from Malaysia and we were hosting them for 4days before APRRC 2008 Bali. They arrived at 1pm then President Maurits, Rtr Arta and Rtr Irma took them to local restaurants and having nice sunset at Uluwatu. Late night entertainment, we were at Hard Rock Hotel and Double Six. First clubbing for Rtr Arta and not so bad….good dancer!!! Thanks to all members,Sanjeev,May,David and Raj.

17. Join Project with Rotaract Club of Toronto Canada

To raise funds for our Project to provide Pondok Baca in Petang Village Denpasar, we were joining this project. We are in process to make the Calender so we can sell to the Community.

16. Celebrating Sumpah Pemuda National Day, Tuesday 28 October 2008

Sumpah Pemuda in English is Youth Pledge Day. This year is 80 years celebration. To be part of young spirit, we were interviewing some people of when and what is Sumpah Pemuda. Most People still remember ‘when’ question but only few can remember for 2nd question. After that we had nice fellowship, wacthed Indonesian movie and also charter two member, Riris and Tut Dik. Welcome to the Club.

15. Yayasan Tuna Daksa, Monday 20 October 2008

There were 23 people at Dinas Sosial Office in Denpasar Bali to receive free altificial foot from Yayasan Tuna Daksa. We were helping to inform this special news to unfortunate people few months ago before today and Dina got new foot to her to continue her works. Happy Day!!

14. Open House for Eid 1429, Sunday 5 October 2008

To celebrate Eid 1429, we invited all Rotaracts in Bali to join the Open House on Jalan Blong Bidadari Puri Gading Jimbaran. Started by Fellowship then Ketupat dinner. Some Rotaractors were jumping to the pool afterwards. APRRC 2008 Commitee continued with Meeting. Fun Evening.

13. Rice Paddy Trekking & Fellowship, Sunday 21 September 2008

It was started from Jalan Kajeng, behind Puri (Palace) Ubud. Quite easy trekking with great view of green rice field. We walked throught the rice field, bridge and little forest. Met few villages whom works and also some westerns did the trekking. In the middle of ricefield, we found an Organic Restaurant with reasonable price. After 2hours trekking (about 5KM), we ended up with fellowship and nice dinner at Mangga Madu Restaurant Ubud.

12. Break Fasting at Yayasan La-Royba Tabanan

Was done on Sunday, 14 September 2008 with 174children. Opened with nice speeches by 2 children with 2 different languanges, Arabian and English. While waiting to Break the Fasting, we had two fun games with lots of prices and also planted ‘A Rotaract Tree’ at their garden. The Fasting was broke at 18.20hrs with Takjil, Sholat Maghrib and then dinner together. We also donated some rices, oil, sugar, detergents tea etc for their daily needs. Special thanks to all participants and everybody whom donate for this special project.

11. Conservation Program “Let’s Safe The Turtle”

Memorable Indonesia Independence Day with Conservation Program, Let’s Safe The Turtle. Took place at Nikko Bali Resort & Spa Nusa dua on Sunday, 17 August 2008 at 15.30hrs. 47 Baby Turtles has been released to the ocean. Special thanks to Nikko Bali Resort & Spa, Jon Zuecher from Rotary Club Nusa Dua, Turtle Conservation & Education Center Bali, All adopters, RAC Denpasar and Bali Advertisor.

10. Join Project to Celebrate Independence Day

Joined by RAC Denpasar, Kuta, Seminyak and Nusa Dua, are going to Yayasan Yasa Kerthi Karangasem which has about 31children. Part of donation, as this is to celebrate Indonesia Independence Day, RAC Denpasar arranged some fun games and we all play with hero’s spirit.

9. Garage Sale on 10 August 2008

Again our Garage Sale is success, thank you for all community in Renon. Donation from The Bale Hotel Nusa Dua were sold out and also some strawberry from Rtr Arta. Starting at 16.30hrs and finished about 18.00hrs. Price range was from Rp.1,000 – Rp15,000 per piece and we raised Rp.850,000. Happy Seller : Tika, Khim, Sandy, Irma, Joe, Eni, Runa, Maurits, Gede, Arta, Tutdik, Riris!!!

8. Join Project with RAC Denpasar for 2nd World for Turtle

Around 100 people joined at Pulau Serangan Sanur, Sunday 13 July 2008. Before released to the ocean, there were a briefing why we have to save this beautiful animal by Turtle Conservation and Education Center Bali. Now we know that in our world, we only have about 300,000 turtles…Unbelievable!!!

7. National Children Day on Saturday, 12 July 2008

Great Day with 74 children at Yayasan Elisama Denpasar. We had two programs, 1st handled by President Maurits and Tika about counseling of AIDS/Narkoba for Junior, Senior and College Students. Runa and Eni were in charge for Elementery students for fun games and education. Started from 16.30hrs and finished by dinner together around 18.00hrs. We also donated some detergents, rice, book, pensil, toys, second hands cloths and school bags.

6. Garage Sale on Sunday, 6 July 2008

Thank you…thank you and thank you. That is the only word we could say to everybody in Renon. Everything is sold out before 09.00am and we raised about Rp.1,300,000. Thank you also to Nusa Dua Beach Hotel which had donated the linen. Happy seller : Tika, Eni, Runa, Khim and Arta. Thank you again.

5. Hand Over Bali on Saturday, 5 July 2008

RAC Nusa Dua did not have Hand Over this time as the Board has been changed before time. We only introduced our self, announced some projects and charterred one new member, Dewa Arta and also joined by President Maurits, Treasure Tika and Secretary Eni. Very fun evening with all Rotaractors in Bali which never met before.Tika got one price from the games.

4. Painting Class on Sunday, 29 June 2008

Although only few Rotaractors were joined, Painting Class on Sunday, 29 June 2008 at Bali Collection Nusa Dua at 15.00hrs was success. Special thanks to Pak Maman, our teacher!!! We will come back for another lesson.

3. Annual Tennis Tournament with Rotary Nusa Dua on 1 – 8 June 2008

This year is the 17th Annual Rotary Tennis Tournament, raised once again funds for under privileged children in Bali. It is established as Bali’s biggest and most popular tennis tournament. Nearly 120 players from Australia, Singapore, Philippines and Japan were joined. More details, click here Rotary Tennis Tournament

2. Beauty Pigeon Charity Project with Rotary Nusa Dua on Sunday, 25 May 2008

Project Officer was Mrs Wanda, Secretary of Rotary Club of Bali Nusa Dua and took location in Peninsula Beach Resort Tandjung Benoa. The event was followed by about 120 children from 3 – 17 yrs old with 3 Categories Competation, Traditional, Smart casual and Beach Custume. We were helping with re-registration and received some second hand cloths and toys for our Project for National Children Day on 13 July 2008.

1. RCOT/RDC, 16 – 18 May 2008

Rotaract Club Officer Training was done in Semarang on 16 – 18 May 2008. Rotary Club of Bali Nusa Dua had sponsored our President, Maurits and Treasure, Tika to join this event for the first time. Really great experiences to meet new friends, got new knowledges of Rotaract and of course, got lots of fun.
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