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• Thursday, February 11th, 2010

1. Visit Eben Heizer with Australian Guests, Monday 28 September 2009

Again we have 5 Australian Guests, Pam, Vicky, Donna, Trish and Robin and visited Eben Heizer Orphan. Spending sometime with them and donated some money for the children. Thanks to you girls.

2. Helping Agus and Dewi, Wednesday 23 September 2009

Gaye and Brian McMullen were coming again to continue in helping Agus and Dewi. This time they took Agus and Dewi to meet Gloria at Bali Crisis Care for serious treatment. This treatment will take few months and so, and hopefully this will help them to get better and better. Thanks again to McMullen Family.

3. Break Fasting at Iba Yatim Taqwa Orphan, Saturday 5 September 2009

Spending nearly a day with orphanage at Iba Yatim Taqwa was nice day. We arrived around 4pm, then play together with them, break fasting and of course giving some donation and gifts. All were happy, especially when we spreaded prices from the games. We were supported by Rotary Nusa Dua and few friends whom donated for them. Gave away daily needs, gifts and money for children’s school. Thank you friends for all donation.